The Timeline Book of Science by Melinda Corey

By Melinda Corey

12 months by means of 12 months, period by way of period, a checklist of ways technology has altered human existence, from prehistory to the present.

Who found the Gulf circulation? the place used to be fabric first woven? Who built the 1st laptop? What triggered the extinction of the woolly titanic in the United States? THE TIMELINE booklet OF technology solutions those and millions of different crucial questions, pinpointing the time of every step forward, describing its value, and touching on it to different innovations and occasions throughout the a long time. enjoyable and informative, THE TIMELINE publication OF technology makes the background of technology absolutely available to all readers.

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240 Eratosthenesof Cyrene, librarian at Alexandria, Egypt, correctly calculates the diameter of the earth as about 8,000 miles and the cirrrrill cumference as about 25,000 miles. Seealso 1684, Picard. -225 Greek mathematician Apollonius of Per$a, known in antiquity as the Great Geometer, publishes his Conics,which makes several imnerr portant advances in the study of these curves. -214 The Great Wall of China is begun by Emperor Shih Huang Ti, founder of the Ch'in dynasty. It will eventually extend 1,500 miles rrctl from the Pacific Ocean to central Asia.

He then sails south along the coastsof Nicaraguaand CostaRica looking for a seapassageto India but neverfinds one. After being maroonedin Jamaicafor a year;he arrivesback in Spainon November7,1504, rlrflr and diestwo yearslater,on May 20, 1506. See1615,rubber. 29, 1504 Using Germanmathematicianand astronomerRegiomontanus's (1474),Columbuscorrectlypredictsa toEphemerides astronomicae tal lunar eclipse,castingawe into the local NativeAmericans. rttro 1504 Germaninventor PeterHenlein devisesthe first watch, a clock tlcn small enoughto fit in a pocket.

836 Arab mathematician Thabit ibn Qurra is born in Haran, now Turkey (d. 901). He will translate Greek works into Arabic and work on talll solving the problem of Euclid's fifth postulate. 850 The astrolabe, used for astronomical observations, is refined by llllo Arab scientists. 850 The Arabs begin drinking coffee, a beverage that will not spread to nItG Europe until hundreds of years later. 29 tt8 ttrr rrmtltlrl tooK ot tcttilc: BEFORE GUTENBERG n ruSe, Germanprinter JohannesGutmbergJoundedthe modernpubf lishing industry when he set the Latin Bible in lead-alloymwable type I -r.

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