VCSELs: Fundamentals, technology and applications of by Rainer Michalzik

By Rainer Michalzik

* Summarizes the present state-of-the-art of VCSEL technology
* offers the fundamentals and know-how of VCSELs
* screens a wealthy spectrum of purposes of VCSELs
The large development which has been completed within the box is roofed right here, within the first accomplished monograph on vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) given that 8 years. except chapters reviewing the learn box and the laser basics, there are finished updates on crimson and blue emitting VCSELs, telecommunication VCSELs, optical transceivers, and parallel-optical hyperlinks for desktop interconnects. solely new contributions are made to the fields of vectorial third-dimensional optical modeling, single-mode VCSELs, polarization keep an eye on, polarization dynamics, very-high-speed layout, high-power emission, use of high-contrast gratings, GaInNAsSb long-wavelength VCSELs, optical video hyperlinks, VCSELs for optical mice and sensing, in addition to VCSEL-based laser printing. The publication appeals to researchers, optical engineers and graduate scholars.

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