Sustaining the Planet. Making it Thrive.

A Revolutionary Way to Feed the Planet


Welcome to the future of:

  • Fresh food for hungry people.
  • Clean water for a thirsty planet.
  • Renewables for an energy dependent world.
  • Recycling of organic nutrients and carbon to grow crops.
  • Oceans again teaming with life.
  • Pure air.
  • Thriving forests and fertile land.


What is Ecoponex?

  • Organic. Natural. Amazing.
  • A living machine. A biological refinery.
  • A synergy of technologies. Integrated systems.
  • An elegant self-reliant closed-loop process.
  • Efficient. Sustainable. Resilient.
  • Highly optimized. Maximized efficiency. Zero waste.


Quantum leap in productivity:

  • Local food and energy security. Assured supply.
  • Better nutrition. Improved health. Less disease.
  • Education. Training. Tomorrow’s skills.
  • New jobs. Sustainable economic development.
  • Perhaps the most productive food system in the world.


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Ecoponex and its Technology.