Dynamics of a Quantum Spin Liquid by Johannes Knolle

By Johannes Knolle

Nominated via the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of complicated platforms, Dresden, as a great Thesis
Presents for the 1st time a precise calculation for experimental signatures of fractionalized quasiparticles for a two-dimensional strongly-correlated topological magnetic phase
Relevant to theorists and experimentalists alike with connections to different fields in condensed topic and many-body physics
Technical advances coated intimately, permitting researchers to learn from the methodological growth underpinning the awarded results

This thesis provides a precise theoretical research of dynamical correlation services in several levels of a two-dimensional quantum spin liquid. by way of calculating the dynamical spin constitution issue and the Raman scattering go part, this thesis indicates that there are salient signatures—qualitative and quantitative—of the Majorana fermions and the gauge fluxes rising as potent levels of freedom within the precisely solvable Kitaev honeycomb lattice version. The version is a consultant of a category of spin beverages with Majorana fermions coupled to Z2 gauge fields. The qualitative positive factors of the reaction features should still for that reason be attribute for this large classification of topological states.

Strongly Correlated platforms, Superconductivity
Magnetism, Magnetic Materials
Quantum box Theories, String thought

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8), and I show that for certain operators O is unnecessary because matrix elements hˆjPOPjˆi=hˆjOjˆi are independent of the projection. The four different Majorana fermions, Eq. 5), can be combined into two complex fermions, see Fig. 2 for an illustration. First, bond fermions (Baskaran et al. 2007; Yao et al. 1 Exact Solution and Projection by 27 bx χ yr b y bx c bz χ xr z fr χ r bz c bx b y χ xr−n 1 by bx χ yr−n 2 Fig. 2 The representation of spins in terms of four Majorana fermions is shown in the left.

As discussed in the introduction, fractionalization is another prominent feature of QSLs, similar to the appearance of the emergent gauge structure. All together, these features make the Kitaev model a prime example of a QSL. 3 Experimental Realization 33 exact solubility it has become the workhorse for model calculations of topologically ordered phases in 2D. The pure honeycomb model as described until now harbors gapless and gapped QSL phases, see Fig. 4, and its excitations can be shown to obey Abelian statistics (Kitaev 2006).

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