Egil's Saga by Anonymous, Bernard Scudder

By Anonymous, Bernard Scudder

Egil’s Saga tells the tale of the lengthy and brutal lifetime of tenth-century warrior-poet and farmer Egil Skallagrimsson: a psychologically ambiguous personality who used to be straight away the composer of intricately attractive poetry and a actual ugly able to extraordinary brutality. This Icelandic saga recounts Egil’s development from younger savagery to mature knowledge as he struggles to protect his honor in a working feud with the Norwegian king Erik Bloodaxe and struggle for the English king Athelstan in his battles opposed to Scotland. Exploring matters as diversified because the query of loyalty, the facility of poetry, and the connection among brothers who love a similar girl, Egil’s Saga is an engaging depiction of a deeply human character.
• New translation taken from the acclaimed The Sagas of Icelanders
• contains advent, extra examining, explanatory notes, genealogical desk, maps, chronology, thesaurus, and an index of characters

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