Encyclopedia of World Biography. Michael- Orleans by Paula K. Byers, Suzanne Michele Bourgoin

By Paula K. Byers, Suzanne Michele Bourgoin

Provides short biographical sketches which offer important information in addition to details at the value of the individual indexed.

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Graph Drawing: 11th International Symposium, GD 2003 Perugia, Italy, September 21-24, 2003 Revised Papers

The eleventh foreign Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2003) was once hung on September 21–24, 2003, on the Universit` a degli Studi di Perugia, Perugia, Italy. GD 2003 attracted ninety three members from educational and business associations in 17 nations. in line with the decision for papers, this system committee acquired 88 re- larsubmissionsdescribingoriginalresearchand/orsystemdemonstrations.

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Miller’s enthusiasm, plus the pressures of an economic depression, drew thousands of converts. As his following grew, so did controversy over his activities. Orthodox ministers condemned but could not silence him. Miller had avoided naming a day for the Advent, but, as 1843 approached, pressures for a precise prediction increased. He chose March 1843. When March passed, he still insisted that 1843 was the fateful year. Others in his movement chose October 22 as the last day; Miller agreed. Some people sold their goods, not expecting to need them after October 22; others took a holiday to watch the Millerites gather to await the Advent.

Examples of the type of social history written following Miller’s death include Darrett Rutman’s Winthrop’s Boston (1965), John Demos’ A Little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony (1970), and Philip Greven, The Protestant Temperament: Patterns of Child-Rearing, Religious Experience and the Self in Early America (1977). Some commentators have suggested that Perry Miller can be said to have had an ‘‘ironic’’ interpretation of the long sweep of American history. See Gene Wise, American Historical Explanations (1973) and Richard Reinitz, Irony and Consciousness (1980).

H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, and Norman Mailer. Explored Women’s Realities in MaleDominated World In 1970 Millett produced a low-budget documentary film, Three Lives, which depicted the everyday lives of three women from a feminist point of view. The Prostitution Papers first appeared in 1971 as part of Woman in Sexist Society, edited by Gornick and Moran; in that version it was a formally experimental work that presented four female voices, one of them Millett’s and two of them prostitutes’, exploring the realities of their lives as women in a maledominated world.

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