Marx, Lenin, and the Revolutionary Experience: Studies of by Paul Le Blanc

By Paul Le Blanc

Marx, Lenin, and the innovative Experience deals a clean examine Communism, either the undesirable and sturdy, and likewise touches on anarchism, Christian idea, conservatism, liberalism, Marxism, and extra, to argue for the iconic relevance of Karl Marx, and V.I. Lenin as democratic revolutionaries. It examines the "Red Decade" of the Nineteen Thirties and the civil rights flow and the recent Left of the Sixties within the usa in addition.

Studying the prior to grapple with problems with conflict and terrorism, exploitation, starvation, ecological hindrance, and traits towards deadening "de-spiritualization", the ebook exhibits how the revolutionaries of the previous are nonetheless proper to today's struggles. It bargains a essentially written and thoroughly reasoned thematic dialogue of globalization, Marxism, Christianity (and faith in general), Communism, the background of the USSR and US radical and social events.

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Muste — a remarkable American radical who blended Marxism with Christianity — put it in the 1930s, “a group which devotes itself to theory in the Marxian sense does not do it for the sake of agreeable mental exercise, as an alternative perhaps to working cross-word puzzles. It is concerned with theory because it needs to know how to act and will not act on a merely opportunistic basis. ” 21 But here is precisely where the whole thing falls apart. One problem — a very human problem, made especially understandable given the complexities of reality — is that there have been huge differences among those influenced by Marx on what “practical work” should look like to transition from capitalism to socialism.

On the other hand, if the analysis of capitalism developed by Marx and Engels continues to be more or less accurate, can we afford simply to shrug off the apparent inadequacy of their proposed alternative? It may be that it is necessary, rather than simply abandoning the Communist Manifesto at the point where it poses the alternative of Communist revolution, instead to wrestle with it in order to achieve a transcendence of its limitations. Because we have been considering the assessments of Rev.

By 1989, the richest 20 percent received 60 times more income than the poorest 20 percent of the world’s people. S. control 80 percent of the wealth in our own country. 16 The solution to such problems seemed clear to Marx and Engels. They believed that the proletarianization process would generate an increasingly radicalized and militant working-class consciousness that would generate increasingly vital and aggressive working-class organizations. Workers would form tough, democratic, socially conscious trade unions in their workplaces.

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