There are overwhelming needs and unmet demands facing our world. 

The Need

CURRENTLY there are:

      • 1.0 billion people are hungry
      • 1.1 billion people lack clean drinking water
      • 1.3 billion people are without electricity

BY 2030 the 9+ billion people living on earth will need 30% more water, 40% more energy and 50% more food to survive.



Food has a HUGE Footprint!

Growing and supplying food requires:HUGE-Footprint


      • 70% of fresh water use on the planet
      • 30% of world’s energy
      • 14% of total greenhouse gas emissions
      • 40% of total global land area

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus


Food is inextricably linked to energy and water. Primary energy is required to produce food and supply water. All three fundamental elements coexist to form the FOOD-ENERGY-WATER NEXUS, which is at the heart of the Company’s vision, mission, technology and business strategy.


Fundamental understandingFood is primary energy to humans along with water, which is essential to sustain life. Without either energy, water, nutrients and sunlight, we don’t have enough food or oxygen and we cease to exist.

Global Problems to Address

      • There are too many mouths to feed, more are coming
      • 70% more arable farmland will be needed that is equal to an area the size of Brazil (FOA)
      • 30 million acres of arable land are lost each year
      • 40% of food is wasted or spoils contributing 23% of all methane gas emissions(12/13 – National Academy of Sciences)


Growing Environmental Impacts

      • Global warming, rising sea levels, ocean acidification
      • Drought and overuse is limiting water supplies
      • Over fishing of our oceans with collapse of species
      • Use of GMO’s are poisoning people and our planet
      • Lack of global food, energy and water security


Local Issues to Solve

Simply put, CURRENT METHODS of food and energy production and water use ARE UNSUSTAINABLE.

        • 90% of our food is imported from 1,500+ miles away
        • 80% of our fish is imported
        • Export of money and job losses in local economies
        • Chronic unemployment and food deserts in inner-cities, rural communities
        • Cheap processed foods high in sugar and fat….causes
        • Obesity, diabetes, heart disease to raise health care costs

Huge Food Market Demands

KEY TRENDS for multi-billion dollar markets

      • Demand for locally grown healthy fresh food – $4.8 billion annually
      • Market for algae nutritional related products – $1.0 billion growing at 12%/yr
      • Market for aquaculture related products – $1.1 billion in US, $78.8 billion worldwide growing at 9% annually
      • Market for seafood products – $1.7 billion in U.S. with 85% imported, $85.9 billion worldwide

Renewable Energy Market

BIOGAS and SOLAR: a $40+ billion growing global market

      • Demand for biogas – $17.3 billion currently; could double to $33.1 billion by 2022
      • Market for solar energy – $7.8 billion growing at 6% annually